Engineering Growth issue #8

First of all, we're now 63 people šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„ and our small community is growing! I'm incredibly thankful that in the ocean of choices you decided to give my newsletter a try.

During the new year's break, I reshaped and rethought the structure of the Engineering Growth, to make it more niche and focused on the growth aspect of the product. What is Engineering Growth now? This year I'm focused on building a community of people who like to analyze the behavior of their products. Growth hacker meets data scientists kinda content where you'll find information on how to use tools to the maximum of their capacity, automate mandarin tasks and how to act on data to grow your audience and community. My focus would be giving you the information I think is missing on the big old internet. The upcoming editions will feature the series I called Money talk and Killing the middleman.

My to-do list also includes getting partnerships from brands and special offers for members of our community (wish me luck).

Article #22 Money talk - Part 1 The kickoff

What is your experience of creating a new business, how did you figured out the starting points? In this article sharing an experience of dealing with web hostings, mail servers, and landing pages. How much it costs and what can you set up with minimum investment.


So you want to be a full-time maker, indie creator, entrepreneur, self-employed free spirit. Good for you! Needless to say that 2020 and the upcoming years are the best for making your dreams come true. There are a lot of podcasts, e-books, articles, blogs (hey, you are reading one of them) on how to become a full-time maker, how to create a product, how to use no-code tools and be financially independent.However, are there any places that teach you about the stuff you don't want to think about, aka the money you need to spend initially to start doing your thing.

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Article #8 Manage your business, with no social media

Can you manage your business with no social media? Can you be there and also kinda not be there? Social media is just 1 decade old but it's already eating up the old school methods of product discovery and marketing. This article shows that you can be on social media as a brand, but pretty distant as a person at the same time.


Last year I deleted my Facebook and Instagram profiles with a decent following. I was going through a lot of changes and decided that having social media around that time is not a good idea. There's a lot of material on social media detox, a lot of creators are putting out there content like "30 days without internet", and I'm walking evidence that not having social media accounts actually make you happier and more in touch with yourself. However, when you have a business social media presence is sometimes more important than the actual product. Now you can create a product with no code, set up a landing page and get a good amount of subscribers in about, all in 2 days, which is impressive.

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