Engineering Growth issue #9


This week's newsletter is focused on growth and how little it takes to actually create a good growth strategy. The article of the week also sneak-peek my future plans on the newsletter. It consists of milestones I wanna hit and the further steps on making this newsletter a cozy community for growth and data engineers.

Also Engineering Growth already is as big as 109 subscribers, which is a big milestone for me, and I'm going to celebrate our growth with a launch on product hunt. We already have upcoming page.

What is upcoming?
- Launch on Product hunt next week February 26,
- 2nd part of the series "Money talk  - Automation", how much it costs to automate your business. You can read the first part here.

It's gonna be a wild ride.

Article #23 Growth matrix

How do you imagine a growth strategy would look like? It can be presented as a complicated flow chart, a sequence of actions combined with a lot of IF and THEN statements.

Would you consider a crazy idea of having a growth strategy looking like this:

Today's article of the day is focused on creating a simple growth strategy based on your milestone. It can take up to a few hours max and will help to set a birds-eye view of your future growth map.

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Article #12 Find the acceleration program that fits you

Building a company and a startup is not an easy path. Many startups are facing a lot of uncertainties. Often times not all founders and team members have all the experience to scale up and get enough traction to enter the desired market.

All being said that startups usually need some kind of guidance along with the way and for that matter institutions like accelerators, incubators and mentorship programs are on the rise. Let's focus on accelerators and see what are they, where you can find them and how they can help.

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Grow at your own pace,

Anna Grigoryan
Founder of Engineering Growth